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It’s the perfect time to optimise your bookings

Booking in new jobs can be a messy business. Trying to find a time that suits the customer, your drivers and available assets, and then work that into an optimised sequence of other jobs can get complicated quickly.

Telogis Appointment can search thousands of available options in a matter of seconds, factoring in all the relevant data about your fleet’s availability and running costs, to return valuable information that can help you to choose the perfect, and most cost effective, time to book in a new job.

Time is money.
Now you know how much.

Telogis Appointment connects a calendar based booking system with your Telogis route planning software to show detailed costing for available time slots.

Customer satisfaction now costs you less

Help your booking team lock in new job appointments that match all the necessary requirements such as customer preference and employee availability but at the lowest possible cost.

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Plays nicely with others

Telogis Appointment works with just about any calendar based booking system. Telogis Appointment does all the complicated hard work behind the scenes keeping the front end uncluttered and easy to use.

Data sharing means better decisions

Working between your booking system and Telogis Appointment, it takes details of the new job, such as time involved, specific vehicle or driver requirements, and compares that with existing jobs and worker availability. It returns an expected cost of scheduling that job for that time, allowing you to make an easy comparison between time slots.

Connect with your existing booking system

Price right and keep your business profitable

As much as we love to keep the customer happy, it’s just as important to keep your business profitable. With Telogis Appointment, when a customer needs a job done at a specific time and day, you’ll see the increased costs associated with accepting the job.

This keeps the customer happy, while making sure you price the job correctly and stay profitable.

Tight integration to prevent double booking

Booking appointments for customers can be problematic when you’re bringing together different resources, like when the right vehicle's available but the right driver isn’t. Overbooking isn’t just embarrassing; it can cost you business.

Telogis Appointment helps you connect your booking system with the real-time availability of all your assets – and when an appointment is made it locks in the necessary resources and updates everyone’s schedule – instantly.

More features. More flexibility.

  • Flexible integration

    Based on common web protocols Telogis Appointment can integrate with just about any popular booking system.

  • Real-time confirmation

    Get immediate confirmation of availability when booking company resources to prevent overbooking.

  • Faster adoption

    Telogis Appointment works behind the scenes so you can continue to use your regular booking system.

  • Data into information

    Uses your existing route cost data into valuable information that improves the profitability of new jobs.

  • Price is right

    With accurate cost data for each new job you can vary your pricing to win new business and avoid underquoting.

  • Lightning fast

    Telogis Appointment is backed by a powerful cloud-based server infrastructure that returns results in seconds.

  • Say yes more

    Check the costs (e.g. overtime) of accepting jobs outside regular hours or locations, creating fast and accurate quotes.

  • Unlimited options

    Instead of limiting your options, Telogis Appointment simply presents the relative costs of different time slots.

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