Plan. Optimise. Do. All the web-based tools you need to organise and deliver the most profitable route strategy for today’s mobile workforce.

Telogis Route information highway

Plan, analyse and create specific, geofenced territories

Flexible territory planning that allows you to use a wide range of filters including location (such as a region on a map), load type and size, driver attributes, customer requirements, or a combination of multiple filters. Alternatively let Telogis Territory build your territories automatically using predefined criteria.

Telogis Territory

Endless configurability that suits your specific needs

Telogis Schedule

Telogis Schedule allows you to set up your mobile workforce - customers, drivers, vehicles, depots and other elements - to create the most optimised, custom routes, built around what’s most important to your business and your customers. Use Master Routes to improve consistency for individual daily routes, helping you balance exploring new optimised routes with existing routes that your drivers are familiar with.

Telogis Schedule
Telogis Plan

Your days are hectic enough. Get visibility into tomorrow's plan today

Work life is unpredictable but Telogis Plan can help keep your operations on track. With its unique ‘day-ahead’ view you can make any necessary last-minute changes, fine-tuning tomorrow's plan. View upcoming jobs in three simultaneous, real-time views; Job Box, Gantt chart and Map View.

Telogis Plan

Amazing Customer Service is Now Profitable

With Telogis Appointment you can know right away what time windows are available and optimised for your mobile workforce. It works directly with your existing calendar booking system and, using a range of criteria such as driver location, availability, existing appointments and other internal business rules, quickly identifies suitable time slots to fit with the customer’s needs.

It’s a way to say yes to your customers more often, while staying in control of operational costs, productivity and fleet efficiency.

Telogis Appointment

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