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What’s the most cost efficient way to meet your commitments to your customers? Effective route planning.

The Telogis Route Planning Suite is the perfect set of tools to achieve that. From deciding what locations your workers will cover and how you will make the best use of your assets right through to making sure tomorrow’s jobs are scheduled to meet whatever the day brings.

The Telogis range of planning tools not only allows you to build smarter routes; it shows you the impact of each change in real dollars. Visualise the cost of your changes – before you commit. Even plans in action can be continually optimised with tight feedback loops from your mobile operations. It all adds up to a better tomorrow.

  1. 1

    Define territories

    Divide and conquer. Use advanced heuristics and data analysis to create smart territories.

    Telogis Territory
  2. 2

    Publish routes

    Based on everything that’s important to your business, create the most optimised routes.

    Telogis Schedule
  3. 3

    Access next-day routes

    Adapt to last minute changes and help everyone meet their targets for a better workday.

    Telogis Plan

Plan your territories...

Your field of operation covers a huge area. You have a lot of customers, a lot of mobile workers and a lot of depots – you need to create carefully balanced territories that take into account sales volume, job sites, vehicle attributes and driver availability. Easy. Build territories automatically using predefined criteria to maximise resource utilisation and minimise miles travelled.

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Plan your routes...

The best routes for your business will depend on a lot of different factors – where your customers are located, when they want you there and which driver or vehicle is needed to do the job. Easily build optimised routes that listen to the needs of your business to not only save miles and reduce travel time but also boost customer service and increase worker efficiency.

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Plan tomorrow’s jobs...

The best planning accounts for the unpredictable nature of doing business in a constantly changing environment. Get a unique ‘day-ahead’ view that allows you to make last-minute changes such as driver absences, vehicle breakdowns and new or changed jobs.

Build flexible plans

More features. More flexibility.

  • Cloud based

    Web based software (SaaS) offers significant savings on IT and hardware costs and gives your mobile workforce access to critical data, alerts and reports.

  • Powerful route optimisation

    Telogis' unique heuristic algorithms can quickly calculate the most efficient routes for your drivers and reduce average mileage by 10%.

  • Accurate job costing

    Factor in all associated costs when calculating routes – fixed and per mile, labour, overtime, even accommodation for overnight trips.

  • Emergency dispatch

    When something comes up suddenly you need to know right away which driver to dispatch. Who’s closest, who has the right skills and the right vehicle.

  • Plan vs. Actual

    Know how drivers are performing with visual plan vs. actual Gantt charts for each mobile worker. Quickly identify areas where the plan needs fine tuning or drivers coached.

  • Telogis platform

    Combine all your mobile workforce software on a single platform for improved operational efficiency and data sharing. A true end to end connected intelligence platform.

  • Driver safety

    From compliance to in cab coaching that encourages drivers to self correct dangerous behaviour, our platform improves driver safety, legal compliance and liability management.

  • Navigation

    Commercial vehicle navigation with community assisted routing, custom site markers, real world views and compatibility with most of the world’s mobile devices.

  • Accurate, reliable ETAs

    Deliver amazing customer service that drives new business through loyalty and referrals with monitored ETAs in real time. Offer cost effective ETAs and tight time windows.

  • Asset utilisation

    With all high value assets tracked you’ll know quickly which ones you could be getting a better return on. Relocate or sell unused assets, and improve the ROI on what you’ve got.

  • Real time alerts

    Choose the condition that triggers the alert (speeding, idling, harsh braking etc.) and who receives it. For example, if you want drivers to slow down in the wet, trigger a lower limit speeding alert when the vehicle's wipers are active.

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