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Work order management for the digital age

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Seamless work order management

Empower your mobile team with fully featured work order software that’s compatible with the smartphones and tablets they already use. Jobs can be added, updated or reassigned and automatically synchronised with your central database.

Job forms can be customised to match the exact needs of each work order – collect relevant data such as site details, photographs and customer signature verification and relay it to the back office instantly.

Now all your job forms are pocket sized

Does work order management mean a mountain of paperwork for your employees? Telogis simplifies, automates and optimises your job form requirements.

No more paperwork

Mobile workers can complete and sign-off on jobs using just a smartphone or tablet. Say goodbye to clipboards and hello to a faster, more environmentally friendly way of doing business.

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“Every driver is equipped with a smartphone and Telogis. We don’t need expensive hardware mounted in the vehicles or make our drivers use 3 or 4 different pieces of equipment.” Outbound Logistics Manager, Door to Door organics

All this with mobile phones and tablets you already use:

  • Android (4.0 or later)
  • iOS (8 or later)

More features. More flexibility.

  • Works offline

    Completed form data or job information entered while offline is automatically synchronised as soon as the device comes online.

  • Data security

    Driver IDs, logins and restricted access means customer data is secure, safely backed up in carrier grade data centres with full reporting options.

  • Onsite data

    Allow onsite workers to record extra notes about a job to provide a valuable reference for future visits such as extra equipment or easier access options.

  • Real-time filing

    Electronic job forms on a worker’s mobile device mean work orders can be completed on the spot, eliminating paperwork and improving accuracy.

  • New business tool

    Mobile workers can add or update work orders directly into the system, improving customer service and sales opportunities.

  • Flexible forms

    Build your own forms with a wide choice of field options to replace just about any hard copy paper forms currently used.

  • Location aware

    Use the built-in GPS to navigate between jobs, prioritise work orders based on proximity or help dispatch allocate resources efficiently.

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