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A mileage logbook without the logging

It’s great having the flexibility to use a vehicle for both business and private journeys. What’s not great is sorting out the tax and administration nightmare at the end of the month. All those scraps of papers, abstract notes and wayward logbooks – fortunately, there’s a better way.

Telogis Logbook automates much of the trip information needed to classify journeys, leaving drivers to simply swipe personal trips to the left, and work-related to the right.

Mobile – like your drivers

Telogis Logbook is specifically designed for smaller screens – even as small as an Apple Watch. It’s a no-fuss solution that makes it super quick for drivers to classify trips at any time. Got a few minutes before your next appointment? Make fast work of your unsorted trips and it’s all done and synced with the back office.

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Reliable mileage reports

Hectic workdays mean details of each journey are easily forgotten, which often means unreliable reports. Telogis Logbook provides you with trip reporting you can rely on to be accurate. It records each trip automatically, in real time, capturing mileage using the vehicle’s own engine diagnostics.

Assign work-related journeys to a specific purpose:
  • Airport
  • Meals / entertainment
  • Between offices
  • Meeting
  • Customer visit
  • Supplies

Detail on demand

Telogis Logbook is simple and easy to use, but if you need more detail it’s close at hand. Simply tap into a trip to see detailed data including start and stop times, location, route taken and fuel used.

  • Detailed maps

    View each journey overlaid on a detailed map. Zoom in to get a closer look.

  • Accurate data

    Information you can rely on with accurate trip data sourced from the vehicle.

  • Easy sorting

    The extra detail makes it even easier to categorise a trip as business or personal.

Reporting you can rely on

Relying on manual paper-based systems is not just time-consuming, it’s often prone to error and incomplete. An automated system reports all trips, and synchronises all assigned journeys directly with the central Telogis platform for same-day reporting – reports you can confidently submit for mileage claims or tax returns.

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