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Proactive driver coaching with gamification

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A lot goes into making the perfect driver

What makes a good driver? Are they safe, efficicient, economical or do they treat the vehicles with respect? Telogis Coach understands good driving is all of the above. Telogis Coach understands good driving is more than just one thing. That’s why it measures the full range of driving performance, allowing you to create custom scorecards that reflect the skills that are important to your team.

  • Safety
    Speeding, hard braking, harsh acceleration, seat belt use.
  • Economy
    Unproductive idling, unnecessary fuel use.
  • Productivity
    Late start, time on site and early arrivals.

The best time to train safer drivers is right now

Telogis Coach gives your drivers real-time feedback using in-cab alerts, providing them with training they need, when they need it.

Just in time safety training is proven to be much more effective in reinforcing good habits than general or group coaching sessions. Mobile workers have direct access to their driving record, which is updated daily with their personal driving score.

It’s about helping drivers take responsibility for managing their own safety behind the wheel.

Self-managing – so your supervisors can get on with their day

Following through on corporate goals to improve driving behaviour can be complicated and time consuming work. Often, busy supervisors have neither the time or inclination to sit down with drivers at the end of the week to discuss performance failures. The intentions are good but unfortunately the execution can be problematic. Telogis Coach positively changes all this by helping drivers take responsibility for their own driving behaviour, without the need for supervisor intervention.

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Gaming the system: Gamification improves driver behavior

There are three basic parts to integrating gamification into your business: (1) Mission, (2) Alignment and (3) Deployment. This eBook takes a closer look at each step involved in an effective roll-out.

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OEM partnerships give you richer data

Telogis gives you access to a huge amount of driving performance metrics, including rich diagnostic data only available through our exclusive OEM relationships with the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. It means for the first time you can start coaching mobile workers to be their best across the full set of driving skills, radically improving the safety and profitability of your fleet.

Improve driver engagement

Employees are more engaged when they are actively involved. Telogis Coach is designed to keep drivers a part of the organisation's safety program at every stage. Drivers can use their smartphone or tablet to check-in daily, tracking their progress against company-wide benchmarks and other drivers. They can lookup details for each event to understand what happened, to add a remark or have a discussion with their supervisor.

Engage your drivers today

Telogis Coach is now available on Apple Watch.

‘How’s my driving’ is now within arm’s reach

Drivers can check their driving as easily as checking the time with Telogis Coach and Apple Watch. A quick glance at the wrist can provide an insightful snapshot of recent driving performance with a full range of scorecard metrics including kilometers driven, idling, harsh braking and speeding.

The Apple Watch’s stunning aesthetics, intimate design and state-of-the-art wearable technology brings a new level of personal ownership and responsibility for driving to a higher standard. Review recent scores to check progress and see ways to fine-tune driving performance - all without disrupting your work day.

Gamification – A seriously fun way to improve driver safety

We take driver safety seriously and that's why gamification is a key part of Telogis Coach. Gamification is about using the things that make regular games so engaging and motivating, then applying them to critical business processes, like driver safety.

Telogis Coach helps inspire safe driving using positive reinforcement, friendly competition and team spirit with the Driver Leaderboard. Using their driving record to calculate a score out of 100, they are positioned in comparison with other drivers on the team. Supervisors can set up rewarding contests that treat drivers for meeting specific good driving thresholds.

As their driving improves so does their position on the leaderboard.

“Telogis Coach has driven home a point to the guys that driving safe and correctly can be fun. They actually get in the truck and think about improving their score.” Atkinson Construction

More features. More flexibility.

  • Android or Apple

    Works on both Android or Apple smartphones and tablets, minimising hardware costs and increasing adoption.

  • Leaderboard motivation

    Drivers can compete for bragging rights or rewards with leaderboard positions based on safe driving scores.

  • Training videos

    Provide your drivers with relevant training videos they can access directly from their mobile device.

  • Event discussion

    Drivers can add comments to explain specific events such as speeding when the posted limit is incorrect.

  • Manager dashboard

    Managers get an overview of driver behaviour and trends that can be drilled into by team or individual. View by hours or miles.

  • Behavioural metrics

    Measure driver performance by a range of metrics including speeding, harsh braking or acceleration, fuel economy, seat belt use and idling.

  • Data export

    Dashboard data can be exported to a spreadsheet either at a group or driver level, including individual incidents.

  • In-cab alerts

    Configure your telematics hardware to create audible warnings whenever unsafe driving is detected.

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