Telogis GeoBase NavFramework

Safer, More Efficient Workforce

One of the proven ways to increase the productivity of your field force is to reduce the time and resources required to get your mobile workers to job sites. Lower your operational costs and improve the quality of service by offering reliable and safe turn-by-turn voice guided navigation on your GPS enabled hardware.

Telogis GeoBase offers two proven technologies that make it easy to integrate navigation into your existing applications or fast create your own applications that can be customized to the specific needs of your enterprise:

NavFramework Job Routes

GeoBase NavFramework

A fully developed application with a modular framework that enables you to design and deploy branded navigation applications to the field with little or no code development. Pick and choose from a series of off-the-shelf modules, create your own customized user experiences, and integrate with existing enterprise systems remotely and on device.

Telogis GeoBase Navigation SDK

A Software Development Kit (SDK) that offers lower level building blocks that can be used to create your own navigation or LBS applications or to add them as a feature in existing applications. Our Navigation SDK offers a comprehensive set of API (Application Programming Interfaces), sample code of working examples, and documentation that make developing solutions fun, fast, and easy.

What makes an enterprise grade navigation system?

Beyond the benefits that are commonly associated with “GPS” in the consumer navigation market, using navigation in the enterprise offers a host of benefits for operations and to ultimately increase the bottom line:

Safety: With enterprise grade navigation, you can create applications that match current enterprise UI requirements — ability to have black out screens while driving, alerting the drivers for speeding, integrated tools to capture GPS trace and this is just scratching the surface.

Integration: Seamlessly connect with your existing applications and infrastructure to the navigation. Along with using existing hardware, this also eliminates any need to create new data connectivity.

Consistency: Push the destinations/jobs directly from your backend dispatching and routing systems (or local applications on the device) and eliminate any inconsistencies in data dissemination.

Enterprise Features: Add support for truck based routing and HAZMAT restrictions out of the box, take advantage of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) data, Create custom routing (like avoid U-turns) profiles, and even build your own custom map data for your unique business (under construction, restricted, and work zone areas) by using our Alchemy Map data Builder Tool.

What's under the hood?

Architecture: GeoBase NavFramework is built on top of the enterprise proven Telogis Geobase Navigation SDK. NavFramework is essentially a compact navigation application framework. It is designed to aid the rapid development of modular location-based applications with navigation at its core.

GeoBase NavFramework Architecture

Default Modules: Choose some or all of the available core modules (route planning, turn-by-turn street navigation and associated capabilities). Modules that cover core interactive application functionality such as an opening splash screen, a main menu, and an application configuration ('settings') interface have also been included.

Build your own custom modules: Some examples of custom modules include — adding barcode and timestamp or signature capture capabilities; or modules that allow messages or dispatch notifications to be retrieved remotely from a cloud server. New user-created modules can be created and 'plugged in' to your own application using the expansion functionality provided by binaries included with GeoBase NavFramework.

Custom Navigation Interface UI Customization: GeoBase NavFramework comes with a unique customizer that lets you select most of the UI elements (Colors, Icons, Fonts, Splash Screens, Main Menu elements etc..,) to build your own look and feel of the application in minutes essentially creating your own branded release.

Screen Support: Thanks to its flexible screen support, onscreen items such as menu buttons, maps and widgets will 'reflow' (re-position themselves onscreen) automatically according to screen resolution and orientation, including automatic reflowing following rotation of a device's screen (if supported by the hardware itself).


Support: GeoBase NavFramework and Geobase SDK uses .Net Compact Framework (2.0 SP1 and above) and is fully supported on Windows CE and Mobile platforms.

Requirements: ARM Architecture Processor of 500MHz, at least 128MB of user memory (RAM), and less than 4 GB of SD Card for map data (entire USA).

List of Modules: Modules provided with GeoBase NavFramework in default configuration are: Application, Resources, Settings, Home, Map, GPS, Jobs, Navigation, Splash and Legal Disclaimer.

Screen Sizes: The mobile applications produced by GeoBase NavFramework can support a variety of screen resolutions, including high resolution screen outputs above 1080 x 1920 pixels, and multiple aspect ratios. It is, however, primarily targeted at mobile screen resolutions of 480 x 640 pixels and above.

Tested Motorola Devices: MC55, MC65, MC70, MC75, MC9500, ES400


Adopting GeoBase NavFramework for your enterprise is an easy process — no code to write, no need to buy new hardware, no need to rewrite your existing applications in order to integrate; it is as simple as:

NavFramework Deployment
If you rather choose to build your own application or you have unique nav requirements, Telogis Geobase Nav SDK gives you all the flexibility you are looking for. With our sample applications and code, you are closer than you think; some SDK customers have developed fully working applications within a matter of days.

We are here to help! — talk to one of our GeoBase NavFramework Specialists to determine your requirements and let us guide you through the process.