GeoStream client APIs

Telogis GeoStream delivers online mapping functionality

Telogis GeoStream combines a server with client software, such as Microsoft Silverlight, JavaScript or ASP.NET. Using Web 2.0 technologies like HTML5, AJAX and JSON remotely, GeoStream provides performance equal to or better than a thick-client solution delivered over the web to a number of different development environments, languages and targets.


GeoStream .NET uses the same API as the core GeoBase library. This allows you to develop a single code base while deploying either remotely or locally depending on your security and accessibility needs.


The JavaScript API contains all of the function calls of the core Telogis GeoBase engine. Developers can access the full spectrum of geospatial functionality, in a browser environment (including HTML5 features) – creating AJAX-based Web 2.0 applications.

Microsoft Silverlight

The Silverlight API enables developers to create rich mapping and routing applications for the web using Silverlight. Leveraging the geospatial power and performance of GeoStream with the UI design of Silverlight, developers can quickly create a rich web-mapping experience for users.

Microsoft Silverlight supports a large subset of traditional Telogis GeoBase functionality, including:

  • Ultra-smooth Pan and Zoom operations
  • Advanced routing operations, visualisation, and turn-by-turn instructions
  • Forward and reverse geocoding
  • Geofencing
  • Map overlay and display of custom objects or layers – think mash-ups

Developers can take advantage of the powerful development environments provided by Microsoft Visual Studio and Expression Blend to integrate mapping and routing routines with a robust set of modern UI components available in Silverlight.

The Silverlight API is included in the GeoBase SDK download, available now as part of a free 30-day trial.