Flexible deployment models

Telogis GeoBase supports designing and deploying applications across multiple platforms. The Telogis GeoBase SDK allows for many different deployment scenarios. The four most common are:

  • Web Based (AJAX, JSON, XML)
  • Server
  • Desktop/Laptop (Thick client)
  • Mobile (including navigation)

Web Based

Map data is stored on a server where the geospatial processing for all tasks takes place. Mapping functionality is exposed to the thin client applications via a web services technology called GeoStream. ASP.NET, JavaScript and Silverlight APIs are supported by GeoStream.


GeoBase libraries are compiled into server-based applications that support the desired functionality. These apps can be native services, web services or purpose-built application that process geospatial data as a part of enterprise operations.

Desktop / Laptop

GeoBase libraries are compiled into native applications that are designed to run on the desktop. The map data is resident locally on that desktop which may or may not communicate with mobile clients, databases, or other enterprise systems. Common applications for this model include AVL, tracking, planning, and dispatching applications.


The GeoBase SDK includes a set of libraries that are designed to run on mobile devices.  While these devices may be connected to server side applications, the map data and all geospatial processing are local to that device obviating the need for a constant connection. Real-time navigation is the hottest use case for in this deployment model, but apps that simply display map data, do reverse geocoding, or support data collection/editing are all supported among many others.