Telogis GeoBase

Take the complexity out of geospatial software development with a toolkit that offers you a scalable, stable, foundation for building applications that leverage spatial data for geographies around the world.

A Toolkit with Everything a Developer Needs

Rich Mapping APIs

Choose from .NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript and Silverlight.

Map Display Editor

GUI tools to customise map look and feel. Optimised for performance.

Imagery Integration

Hybrid maps that feature both satellite and aerial imagery for improved detail.

GIS Data Import Tools

Import GIS data for visualisation, routing and spatial queries.

Custom Data Layers

Toggle layers on and off to avoid map clutter and offer GIS-like map control.

Flexible Geofencing

Check GPS points in relation to custom geofences.

Navigation SDK

Rapid development and easy integration with Windows OS.

Transactional Performance

Define and store dynamic data in spatial databases and test GPS positions.

Customisable Geocoder

Develop localised geocoding in new geographies.

Cross-Street, Postcode & City Lookup

Match addresses based on partial address information including NVC.

Worldwide Coverage

Telogis GeoBase supports commercial map data for over 60 countries.

Point Address Data Support

Display street numbers, exact property locations and improve geocoding accuracy.

Routing & Optimisation

Solve advanced routing problems and integrate advanced data, including traffic, truck restrictions and ADAS. Telogis GeoBase also offers the industry’s only route matrix – useful for solving complex routing problems, including spatial optimisation and the integration of custom business rules.

GeoBase Routing Optimisation


Quickly create stand-alone navigation applications or integrate navigation functionality within existing enterprise applications as a means to differentiate. Use the defaults or customise location selection, maneuver arrows, map styles, guidance instructions, vehicle positioning, etc.

2.5D Navigation SDK


The Telogis GeoBase mapping engine leverages the GeoBase File System (GBFS) to provide rich and extremely detailed maps in high-transaction environments. All aspects of map visualisation are controllable. Change the look and feel of the map, overlay satellite imagery and layer custom GIS data. GeoBase maps are offered as easy to use controls in .NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Silverlight.

GeoBase maps with satellite imagery

Reverse Geocoding and Rule Processing

Any application that deals with remote locations – asset tracking, AVL, etc. – has a requirement for reverse geocoding. Most mapping solutions on the market include this as an afterthought. High-performance reverse geocoding is a cornerstone of GeoBase’s design. GeoBase supports high volume latitude and longitude processing from GPS, RFID and other location sources.

Geocoding/Address Lookup

GeoBase Address Lookup is a scalable geocoding engine for high-volume environments. The geocoder identifies a location based on a text (mailing address) entry supplied by the user. Babel, our learning geocoder, provides a means for localising address parsing and puts the power to build robust geocoders in your hands.

GeoBase Repositories

Segment what data is available to groups of users on an operation-by-operation basis and switching data sources on the fly, enabling the updating of map databases without reinitialising your application.

Need Navigation?

If you want to include navigation functionality with your mapping solution, we recommend Telogis GeoBase NavFramework, a 'ready-to-deploy' navigation solution that can be used out of the box or easily customised to suit specific business needs.

Rich Set of Data Tools

Telogis GeoBase ships with powerful data tools that help make design, deployment and management of your solutions a breeze. more

Flexible Deployment Models

Telogis GeoBase supports multiple deployment scenarios and powerful mobile, desktop and web APIs.