Commercial GPS asset tracking

Trusted by some of the biggest fleets in the world, and keeping anything from generators and pumps to trailers and shipping containers visible all on one dashboard, Telogis Fleet offers the ideal web-based dashboard to manage your entire mobile business.

With more functionality than any other asset management solution on the market, Telogis Fleet offers advanced features not available with other location intelligence solutions.

  • Flexible hardware options for specific environmental needs
  • Widespread coverage using CDMA, GPRS or satellite
  • Asset reports including rental hours and marker analysis
  • API tools allow integration with back office systems such as billing or timesheets
  • Powered or non-powered trackers with configurable ping rates
  • Fuel monitoring, user control and lots more

More assets. Less clutter.

Telogis Fleet offers a flexible window on your entire business or just a segment. Create custom views to review a subset of your assets and zoom level clustering that groups nearby assets, making it easier to manage thousands of assets on a single screen. Monitor vehicles, assets, depots and personnel on the same platform, allowing you to coordinate your entire operation more efficiently.

Accurate billing. Easier taxes.

For many industries, such as equipment rental, crane hire or construction, accurate reporting on usage is critical. Telogis uses GPS to reliably determine where an asset is, how long it was operated for and when. Rental billing is fast and accurate, maintenance schedules are optimised and tax credit calculations for off-road or PTO operations are a cinch. It means you can earn more while spending less time doing it.

Rugged hardware you can rely on.

The rugged GPS location units are weatherproof, offer long battery life as well as extra features such as movement sensors or engine hour calculation. And, depending on your reporting requirements, different ping rates available.

Out of the office. Still in control.

When you’re in field operations, the last thing you want is to be chained to a desk. Telogis Fleet can be used on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, even using your current location to show nearby assets. You can also choose to receive SMS alerts for exceptions to business rules such as unauthorised use or assets moving in or out of a specific area (geofence).

Look after the things that look after your business.

It's easy to take your business' assets for granted, until they go missing or break down. Protect the lifeblood of your business to prevent costly downtime.

  • Avoid breakdowns with preventive maintenance – Track mechanical wear and tear and schedule necessary maintenance before a costly breakdown. Especially important with expensive cranes that require constant monitoring of crawler tracks, engine belts and more.
  • Prevent asset theft or vandalism – Have assets monitored around the clock for unauthorised use or movement outside the yard. Instant alerts allow you or your security team to notify law enforcement immediately, minimising damage and speeding up asset recovery.

Put the tracking of assets in our hands, before they get into the wrong ones.