Training in 90 minutes.
ROI in 180 days.

Investing in your people is the best way to maximise your investment.

The level of confidence your people will derive from the Telogis Fleet Management Software Training may surprise you.

Give us 90 minutes, and we'll give you a driver who doesn't get lost; a dispatcher who sends the closest, most efficient vehicle; a fleet manager who can accurately plan; a bottom line that looks better, faster.

Fleet management software training is tailored to your enterprise and usually starts on-site with your key teams, then moves online into virtual classrooms for in-depth knowledge and refresher courses.

Telogis Training

  • Telogis Fleet Fundamentals

    End-user training for drivers, dispatchers, supervisors and managers

  • Telogis Fleet Administration

    Advanced training for fleet managers, system administrators and power users

  • Telogis Fleet Analytics

    Analytic tools training for custom mapping, reporting and Enterprise Dashboards

  • Telogis Mobile Fundamentals

    End-user training for mobile workforces

  • Telogis Mobile Administration

    Advanced training for mobile workforce managers, operations and support groups

  • Telogis Route Fundamentals

    Core training for planning and optimising routes and workloads

  • Telogis Route Administration

    Advanced training on system features and tools

  • Telogis Route Analytics

    Analytic tools for reviewing metrics, including planned vs. actual

Telogis Certification Program

Official certification allows exceptionally knowledgeable employees to add the certification to their list of qualifications, and for companies to be able to certify that their employees are properly trained, are qualified to train others, and set the standard for Telogis platform product usage.

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“Do I recommend Telogis Training? Absolutely. It's how we hit the ground running.” Fleet Manager, Large Electric Utility