Telogis presents its Award-Winning Location Intelligence Platform for dynamically managing field workers at the Facilities Show

Telogis, the platform for location intelligence, will be demonstrating the latest version of its suite of applications for managing remote and mobile workers at the Facilities Show. From its stand in the Service Management Expo pavilion, Telogis will showcase its comprehensive, cloud-based software platform for companies that require mobile applications, real-time work order management, dynamic routing, commercial navigation and telematics for their mobile workforce. In addition, Telogis will be showcasing its latest fuel card integration facilities, which enable organisations to manage fuel costs much more closely and reduce overall spend.

Telogis’ mobile solutions connect workers in the field to the office system with two-way messaging enabling intelligent allocation of resources to meet both scheduled day to day work and emergency situations. Telogis provides a comprehensive set of other capabilities including dynamic job management, route optimisation and strategic territory planning.

Based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model that enables fast return on investment, the Telogis platform is highly scalable and is suitable for a whole spectrum of business requirements. Telogis offers true location intelligence and allows companies to monitor field performance in real time, and make fact-based decisions that directly affect customer service, profitability, productivity, safety and security and the bottom line.

Fleet Management

Telogis Fleet is the industry’s most reliable and scalable GPS fleet management software. Telogis’ fleet management system drives rapid return on investment for fleets of all sizes through improved productivity and operational streamlining. Telogis Fleet provides businesses with new configurable reporting and alerting options designed to allow the fleet manager to tailor the system to their specific needs, as well as advanced asset utilisation and security capabilities that ensure the productivity and protection of high-value assets.

Telogis Fleet offers a wide range of tools to better manage a company’s mobile assets, including real-time traffic and weather, fuel card management, advanced compliance reporting, extensive vehicle histories and personnel management functions. Telogis Fleet supports a variety of vehicle and equipment types.

Work Order Management

Telogis Progression is a powerful new work order management platform that offers real-time job creation, tracking (including estimated time of arrival and completion), routing (including preplanned routes and dynamic changes throughout the day), dispatching, customer service notifications, route compliance reporting, job completion reporting, real-time traffic conditions and a rich interface to existing ERP systems.

Telogis Progression works with existing ERP and CRM systems, as well as order management, outage management and preventive maintenance packages to fully optimise mobile resource planning.

Route Optimisation

Telogis Route is a multi-vehicle route optimisation application featuring a new patent-pending “Advanced Territories” technology. Advanced Territories allows companies to give geographic-centric routes to drivers without limiting routing options to those boundaries. Built on the extensive infrastructure of the Telogis cloud, Telogis Route is driven by massive computing power that offers greater response speed and functionality than competitive route optimisation systems.

As a web-based solution, Telogis Route is easy to deploy across decentralised organisations without the added cost of new infrastructure, such as server hardware. Since it is offered as a subscription-based service, users see an immediate return on investment compared to traditional routing packages that have long implementation cycles and require dedicated on-site hardware and personnel.

Telogis Route provides businesses with direct visibility into the costs of running a team of remote resources. The system allows users to track costs for created routes and even provides an “immediate feedback on costs” feature that provides an instant evaluation of routes based on fixed and variable costs, fuel costs, staff costs and other variables that affect the bottom line. Telogis Route also provides full support for business constraints such as driver specialities, customer availability and equipment available on a vehicle to ensure that customer needs are met every time.

Mobile Connectivity

The Telogis Mobile application suite provides the industry’s most accurate commercial navigation solution and enables supervisors to manage their teams, by connecting workers in the field to the back office. Also included in Telogis Mobile are applications that help workers stay compliant by tracking their hours worked and completed vehicle inspections. Designed for by Android and iOS devices, Telogis Mobile connects seamlessly with Telogis Fleet and Telogis Route.

Telogis Fleet, Route, Progression, and Mobile are available as standalone modules or as a seamlessly integrated solution to provide the industry’s only true end-to-end enterprise platform for dynamic routing, real-time work order management, telematics and mobile integration.

About Telogis

Telogis, a Verizon Company, is a leading global, cloud-based Mobile Resource Management (MRM) software company based in Aliso Viejo, California. Many of the world’s largest and most well-known commercial fleets connect their vehicles, assets, people, customers and the work that’s being done outside the four walls of their business through the Telogis MRM platform. Once connected, Telogis software will optimize and automate work and processes to drive safety, productivity, efficiency and sustainability in businesses of all sizes. Leveraging Verizon’s expansive scale and assets, Telogis is able to deliver opportunities to improve every aspect of technology deployment and implementation. To learn more about Telogis, visit, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Telogis, like us on Facebook or call toll free on +44 (0) 203 005 8805.