Connected intelligence for every industry.

No two industries are the same. That's why you need a fleet management system that is powerful enough to scale as you grow, while flexible to the unique and changing requirements of your industry.

The diversity of industries we support is constantly expanding; it's the beauty of having a single, open platform that works on popular web standards and offers API integration with a wide range of back-office systems. It also works with just about any kind of hardware and, for many new vehicles, it comes built-in so you can focus on the solution, not what sort of equipment you need.

  • Airline Services

    Custom Management within user-defined geo-zones for driver violations in restricted areas.

  • Construction & Heavy Equipment

    Improve the ROI of your construction fleet as well as the security, lifespan, visibility, productivity, fuel economy and resale value of your heavy equipment

  • Distribution

    Make more deliveries faster, with less drivers traveling fewer miles. Accurate, real-time delivery ETAs and comprehensive last mile routing. Long-range capacity planning to real-time alerts.

  • Field services

    Dynamic Dispatch and state of the art Connected Device Applications to improve customer service.

  • Food & Beverage

    Reduce shrinkage, meet strict delivery requirements and supply chain demands, while improving asset utilisation

  • Government & Public Safety

    Safe driving solution with rich GIS data layers and secure GPS tracking tools make it the perfect, single-platform telematics solution for government agencies.

  • Transportation

    Vehicle fleet maintenance and management software that includes navigation and compliance tools for transportation companies

  • Utilities

    With GPS utility fleet management, you can improve fleet systems including routing, navigation and storm response while maintaining - and even improving - productivity.