What used to take a week, now takes an hour

Rain for Rent has saved a lot of time since adopting Telogis solutions, and the timing couldn’t be better. With ambitious expansion plans to extend its service throughout central Europe, the extra time gained will be put to good use.

Asset security audits lead to efficiency gains

Rain for Rent offer temporary liquid storage and handling solutions including mobile tanks that need to be carefully monitored and managed. With each unit costing around £80,000 (US $120,000) theft or movement has serious ramifications on profitability and revenue.

Tom Finnegan, UK Business Manager, Rain for Rent International UK, explains another reason it’s vital to keep a close eye on the tanks.

“Once the [tanks] are in position, they can hold tons of material which may also be perilous to the local environment if unlawfully moved. We wanted to become even more proactive in quashing any risk before it arose.”

Before Telogis, Rain for Rent would do quarterly audits and someone would need to physically check every unit - a process that could easily take over a week. With more units being added this requirement was only going to become more time-consuming.

“Our auditing process has been dramatically reduced to just one hour, achieved through the intuitive automated functionality of Telogis Fleet. This crucially allows us to focus our attention on driving business innovation and ROI.”

“Through the use of Telogis, we’ve exceeded our objectives and now have crystal clear visibility on where all our equipment is at any time, no matter how remote the location.”

Telogis - A partner for business growth and innovation

Rain for Rent was founded in the United States more than 70 years ago but more recently has initiated exciting expansion in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and central Europe.

“This is an exciting time of transition for us, and we look forward to extending our partnership with Telogis to the benefit of our customers and ecosystem of partners.”

“We’ve already seen remarkable time savings since fitting the tools which translates into more business hours available to focus on strategy and improvement of services, enabling us to meet our business objectives, now and in the immediate future.”

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