Pro’s Ranch Markets – Helping a grocery chain improve efficiency & driver accountability

Pro’s Ranch Market, an independent family-owned Hispanic grocery chain, has 11 outlets in four states as well as a restaurant and a gas station. One of the fastest growing Hispanic grocery retailers in the country, Pro’s Ranch faces unique challenges with a modest number of stores in a large geographic area. The 48 Pro’s Ranch tractors cover over 17,000 miles per week.

Business Challenge

How can Pro’s Ranch track its drivers to increase delivery reliability with a user-friendly tool the logistics managers would embrace?

Logistics are a key component of success in the supermarket business. Relying on manual tracking for its interstate tractor trips led to unnecessarily long trips, allowed drivers to make non-work related stops, and enabled drivers to bill extra hours by driving slowly.

The Solution

After considering five fleet management systems, Pro’s Ranch selected Telogis Fleet for its “crisp” software, state of the art technology and user-friendly interface. Vice President of Technology and Advertising Jeff Provenzano knew it was critical to find a tool that the logistics managers would be comfortable using, not a system that “would sit on the shelf.”

With Telogis Fleet Professional the difference is “night and day”. Steve Provenzano, Vice President of Logistics said, “My Logistics managers are able to see where our tractors are at any given time using satellite imagery, making on-the-fly changes in routing and operations seamless.” Since first installing Telogis Fleet about three years ago, Pro’s Ranch has greatly increased driver accountability, in turn boosting morale and pride of workmanship company-wide.

Telogis has provided Pro’s Ranch with a “set of tools” to improve efficiency company-wide. Delivery time to each location has improved, as Telogis Fleet allows users to track freeway conditions and identify faster, more direct routes. Fleet managers can have confidence their drivers are executing their instructions and avoiding traffic violations. With the ability to monitor tractor performance and mechanical problems, delivery times are more reliable and regular, improving store operations.

Pro’s Ranch fleet managers appreciate the value of working with Telogis Fleet and report their customer experience as excellent. By helping Pro’s Ranch manage an unpredictable marketplace, Telogis Fleet has improved scheduling, efficiency, and the bottom line for this family-owned enterprise.

Telogis Fleet Results

  • Streamlined routes and improved travel times
  • Reduced traffic violations
  • Improved store operations
  • Eliminated personal use of vehicles and equipment