The Namasco Corporation, One of the Largest Independent Steel and Metal Distributors in North America

Namasco Corporation, the North American subsidiary of Klockner & Co., is a metal distributor of prime carbon steel products. As a reliable partner to more than 8,000 metalworking businesses across the United States, Namasco uses its technical, commercial, operational and financial resources to address the evolving steel and metal needs of its customers.

Business Challenge

How could Namasco Corporation manage and reduce fleet costs?

“For every hour a diesel tractor idles, it burns approximately one gallon of fuel. With fuel prices at record highs, each hour drivers spend idling costs Namasco a substantial sum of money,” reports Len Stark, Namasco Corporation’s Director of Technical Services.

With a large fleet of trucks transporting heavy cargo to both its partners and customers across the nation, Namasco found itself spending a significant portion of its profits on fuel. After extensive evaluation, Namasco concluded a large amount of this cost resulted from inefficient driving routes and excessive idling.

The Solution

Namasco identified its principal challenge: fuel costs. With this information, Namasco turned to Telogis and implemented Telogis Fleet, a GPS fleet tracking and management software system.

Upon implementing Telogis Fleet, Namasco quickly experienced lower fuel consumption, speeding, idling, and liability risk, each creating a valuable savings for the company, according to Stark.

With Telogis Fleet, Namasco fleet managers report that a significant percentage of their drivers’ yearly mileage is reduced. Stark further notes, “At today’s cost per mile exceeding $2.00, Telogis helped Namasco achieve a significant cost savings in the first year Telogis Fleet was deployed.” Additionally, the reduction in truck idling time helped increase profits by approximately $50,000 a year.

Telogis Fleet also proved an effective vehicle recovery system. “We used Telogis Fleet to recover a stolen tractor and trailer valued at over $100,000. Without Telogis Fleet, those items may have been lost forever,” shared Stark. Best of all, Namasco is no longer as concerned about the high price of gas, because now, thanks to Telogis Fleet, they’re achieving significant savings each year.

The Results

  • Lowered idling time
  • Improved HOS compliance
  • Streamlined routing
  • Reduced speeding violations