ITL has been a provider of fuel and transportation services to the greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years.

For twenty four hours a day and seven days a week since 1978, ITL, a wholesale marketer, contract carrier, and retailer of fuel and petroleum products, has provided its clients with safe and efficient bulk delivery services.

Business Challenge

How can ITL monitor, measure and reward safe driving?

Safety is a top priority for every business owner, but safety is especially important when a business must transport hazardous, volatile fuel.

ITL lacked a system that could monitor the safety of its drivers.

Supervising their trucks through cell phones and two-way radios proved difficult and inefficient for ITL. These methods left ITL management only partially informed about the position and safety of their trucks because cell phones and two-way radios did give real-time information.

The Solution

Telogis Fleet, the complete GPS fleet tracking and management system from Telogis.

ITL President, Jeff Irvin, turned to his peers in the industry to help him find a solution. The answer he received was Telogis Fleet, the complete GPS fleet tracking and management system from Telogis.

Jeff studied Telogis Fleet and concluded that it presented, “the best overall value.” He was particularly pleased with Telogis Fleet’s open architecture and maps. Most importantly, Irvin said “I feel comfortable working with the Telogis staff.”

To his surprise, Irvin discovered the Telogis Fleet system could also be used as a customer service marketing device. Telogis Fleet’s reporting could serve as a delivery confirmation notice for ITL and its customers. The notices could easily be forwarded to customers which resulted in customers having a better sense of on-time delivery and real-time satisfaction.

Best of all, Irvin shared, “Telogis Fleet is one of the few products we have ever purchased where we get the full benefit of all of its features.“

Today, ITL uses Telogis Fleet to monitor its entire fuel transport and support fleet.

Completely satisfied with the results of the system, Jeff stated: “This product gives us a competitive advantage over our peers not using Telogis Fleet.”

With Telogis Fleet, ITL has improved security and customer satisfaction, and ITL now has the ability to monitor its drivers’ safety at all times.

The Results

  • Improved security and safety
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easy monitoring of the fleet
  • Lowered fleet operating costs