Albuquerque Publishing Company, the largest publishing company in the state of New Mexico.

Albuquerque Publishing Company (APC) is a leading provider of newspaper advertising sales, production, printing, circulation, and distribution for The Albuquerque Journal and The Albuquerque Tribune. It is the largest publishing company in the state of New Mexico.

Business Challenge

How does APC maintain timely and accurate delivery schedules, keep customers happy, and improve driver safety and business processes?

Apart from receiving angry and disappointed calls from customers, or doing random ‘on-the-road’ monitoring, APC had no reliable means of determining when, or even if their shipments were delivered on time or to the correct location. Breakdowns in driver communication, late and missed deliveries, and dissatisfied customers grew unabated. APC also lacked the ability to assess how safely their drivers were driving, creating increased liability and risk for the company.

Improving customer satisfaction, productivity, business processes, safety and operating efficiency are top priorities at APC. Recognising a systemic problem, APC set out to solve it without delay.

The Solution

After extensive evaluation of several GPS tracking products, APC turned to Telogis Fleet, a complete GPS fleet tracking, productivity and management software system from Telogis.

By using the Telogis Fleet application, APC immediately gained new capabilities to determine the exact location of their distribution vehicles and to do so at any time of day or night.

APC now responds more quickly to customer inquiries, has measurably improved customer satisfaction, and reduced operating costs.

According to APC they gained an unanticipated benefit as well. APC saw the value of using the Telogis Fleet GPS tracking system to help train new and existing employees on becoming safer drivers. Previously they had no such tool to monitor speed, location of stops or routes. APC was able to reduce insurance liability, risk, and operating costs. The additional training has not only helped to increase employee productivity, but also increase sales volume and profits.

Thanks to Telogis Fleet, APC’s business is running more efficiently and profitably than ever before.

The Results

  • Better oversight of fleet
  • Reduced liability and risks
  • Better trained drivers
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased productivity and efficiency