Lorries can’t limbo

15 January, 2018

Railway bridges experience almost 2,000 lorry strikes per year. According to recent research from Network Rail, more than half of lorry drivers admit to ignoring low bridges when planning their journey, and 43% don’t know the size of their vehicle. Yet, with effective route planning software, fleet owners can make sure their drivers remain safe, minimise damage & reduce delays.

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Creating a culture of safe driving across the Fleet

21 December, 2017

A recent study has found erratic driving behaviours that cause accidents are evident from the moment the driver turns on the ignition. If one of your drivers has been in an argument, is stressed or just in a bad mood, it increases the likelihood that they will drive erratically or worse still, get in an accident. Technology enables managers to monitor & help reduce these dangerous behaviours.

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Safety Warning for UK roads

5 October, 2017

New Department for Transport statistics reveal that road deaths have reached a four-year high, and despite strict safety regulations, 40% of European road deaths are work related. This highlights that managing driver safety is one of the most stressful elements of the job for fleet managers. So how can technology help you improve your fleet’s safety and performance?

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Apple introducing a new "Do not disturb while driving"

7 July, 2017

Apple is introducing a new "Do not disturb while driving" mode for its iOS 11 software update, which is due out soon. This news swiftly follows March’s announcement of stricter punishments for drivers caught on their mobiles.

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