Traffic jams cost the UK economy £9bn annually

26 October, 2017

Traffic jams on major UK roads cost the economy around £9bn a year in wasted time, fuel, and unnecessary carbon emissions states new study from traffic analysts Inrix. For fleet managers, it’s vital to optimise routes and avoid traffic jams. Inrix chief economist says: "We advise motorists use the latest real-time traffic technology to keep up to date with the situation on the roads."

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UK average speeds fall by 20%

7 September, 2017

A new study has found congestion in the UK’s major cities has created a 20% decline in average vehicle speeds. Combined with growing traffic volumes the increased congestion has resulted in a record high of delays. For fleet managers, optimising routes and to avoid traffic and achieve marginal gains is more important than ever before.

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BVRLA report: drivers uncomfortable sharing data on their driving behaviour

12 July, 2017

Report from BVRLA has found 44% are uncomfortable sharing data on their driving behaviour and performance. But do the benefits far outweigh the costs?

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