Driving efficiency in the Airline Services industry

23 January, 2018

There are few industries more competitive than the global airline business. Its operations are time-sensitive, costs are high, and margins can be tight.

Within this environment is a sub-sector where these pressures are heightened further still: Airline Services. Aircraft ground handling requires airline service firms to work to tight schedules, arriving and deploying within minutes of an aircraft’s planed arrival time.

The consequences for being late can be severe, as fines for tardiness are passed on from the airlines to the service companies. The penalties can run into tens of thousands of pounds per minute, making operational excellence essential.

Acting as a single point of communication for all stakeholders, the technology provides a near real-time view of staff, equipment and their work. This can ensure that everyone and everything is scheduled to arrive only when needed. It also boosts operational efficiency by shining a light on idle equipment or quiet periods.

Finally, a robust MRM platform can automatically keep managers up to date on whether their fleets are complying with asset safety regulations, avoiding the steep penalties that can be incurred after airside incidents or by safety regulators.

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