Driving efficiency in the Airline Services industry

23 January, 2018

Aircraft service operators work to tight schedules arriving & deploying within minutes of an aircrafts arrival. Consequences for being late can be severe, as penalties can run into tens of thousands of pounds per minute, making operational excellence essential. Airline Services companies are turning to innovative technologies such as Mobile Resource Management (MRM) to streamline their operations.

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Building a business case for MRM

14 November, 2017

A panel of 4 fleet owners including Balfour Beatty discussed some unexpected benefits of telematics and Mobile Resource Management provided by the Telogis platform at the recent Latitude event for transforming the mobile workforce.

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Using the power of the cloud to get through the storm

19 October, 2017

Storm Ophelia battered many parts of the British Isles this week highlighting the need for organisations to be prepared for all weathers. Businesses must be prepared, and technology has its part to play, so a quicker response can be provided and keep the country running.

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Making big data manageable

4 October, 2016

Connectivity is totally changing the way in which fleets operate. Real-time visibility on the likes of assets and remote equipment, wireless engine software revisions, instantaneous customer-service feedback, dynamic routing and scheduling is having a fundamental impact on how organisations drive efficiencies and deliver compelling customer experiences.

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