Industry Trends

Move over Track and Trace – it’s time for Mobile Resource Management

9 February, 2018

Traditional Track and Trace for fleets is becoming archaic and failing to meet the needs of modern businesses.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, forward-thinking companies are turning to Mobile Resource Management (MRM) to drive further efficiencies.

MRM allows companies to optimise operations, logistics and enable managers to gain greater visibility of the whole mobile workforce.

The technology integrates separate parts and functionalities of a business such as telematics, operations, and customer service by automating previously labour-intensive processes such as routing, field service or payroll. This removes inefficiencies between people and assets, and ultimately, improves the bottom line.

As the tech is cloud-based, apps can also be created to solve almost every demand within a field service operation. MRM allows mobile workforces and the people who manage them to get smarter about how they use their assets.

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