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A festive logistics challenge

7 December, 2017

The advent calendars are out, and the Christmas lights have been lit: the festive season is now officially upon us.

This week, we enjoyed Focus Magazine’s (pg 19) analysis of one of the season’s biggest logistics challenges: getting Christmas presents to children across the world in just one night. This is no mean feat, requiring more than 433 million stops over approximately 22 hours, but we’re pleased to see Santa embracing the new technology now available to help make his job easier.

With solutions like Mobile Resource Management (MRM), Santa can rely on a high-tech system to optimise his route, providing directions and avoiding any holdups along the way.

Real-time weather information can also help the man in red avoid any in-flight snow storms. Fleet managers can also rely on this technology all-year-round, to assists with all possible variables, from compliance during driver rostering, managing real-time disruptions and calculating and planning routes to the very last detail.

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