Industry Trends

Bridging the gap to a fully autonomous world

23 November, 2017

In the Autumn Budget yesterday, British Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that driverless cars would be on the UK roads by 2021 under Government plans to invest in the sector.

While it will be some time before driverless vehicles are ubiquitous on our roads, companies with fleets of vehicles should begin investing and upgrading their fleets to drive safety, efficiency and productivity now, rather than waiting for full autonomy to kick in.

Significant investments are already being made into four different categories, collectively known by the acronym CASE — Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Sharing and Electrification.

Fleet owners should be keeping abreast of these advancements in connected commercial vehicle technologies to future-proof their organisations. Mobile resource management (MRM) is the scalable first step for fleet connectivity, helping to increase business productivity, reduce costs, improve driver safety and deliver better outcomes for customers.

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