New research shows significant rise in fuel costs

21 September, 2017

This week, released research showing petrol & diesel prices have risen by 7p per litre in the last year. Fleet managers are feeling the impact more than others & grappling with pressures to reduce costs while having to meet challenging SLAs. What simple steps can be taken to ensure fleets are operating as efficiently as possible?

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Is your fleet’s tyre pressure deflating profits?

3 August, 2017

Research recently released by tyre manufacturer Michelin estimates that 60% are driving on under-inflated tyres which can reduce the tyre mileage before replacement by 20% . Tyre pressure also impacts the fuel efficiency & safety performance of the vehicle. Multiplied across the fleet, this is a massive potential loss and will give fleet managers plenty of fuel for thought.

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New diesel & petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK

28 July, 2017

Plans to ban production of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040 will have wide reaching implications across the British fleets. For organisations that rely on commercial fleets, preparations for the transition to an electric fleet must begin now. A Mobile resource management solution can help Fleet Management now, and ensure they are set up for success with an electric fleet in the future.

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Is your fleet running on diesel?

29 June, 2017

Make your fleet, workforce & assets more intelligent and boost fuel efficiency to create significant economic and environmental improvements.

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