Using technology to reduce your fleet’s environmental footprint

12 October, 2017

With the news that MPs are re-launching an inquiry for improving air quality, businesses and individuals can also do their bit to help improve worsening pollution levels.

The inquiry will be of particular interest to fleet managers as any new regulations can impact the way their fleets is run. However, there are simple steps that can be taken to make the fleet more energy efficient and ensure compliance, while making fuel and cost savings at the same time.

With an advanced, web-based fleet management solution, fleet managers can get real time visibility to plot out which driver is best placed for a job, as well as map the best route to cut down on fuel wastage.

Using this technology, fleet managers can manage and monitor driver behaviour, reducing wasteful driving including idling, daily mileage and fuel costs. It all adds up to shrinking your carbon footprint and minimising carbon emissions.

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