GRITIT streamlines its operations in the field

3 August, 2016

While most Britons are enjoying their summer holidays, GRITIT is hard at work getting ready for the long, cold winter months ahead. As the leading provider of gritting services in the U.K., GRITIT supplies winter risk management services to organisations in the retail, industrial, health and education sectors among others.

Brendon Petsch, IT Director at GRITIT says: “We work from 6pm to 6am, so are an ‘unseen service’, therefore it is critical that we can track and manage our operatives on site and have the ability to guarantee to our customers that the services they requested have been completed. So confident are we of our service, and our ability to ensure customers’ sites are safe for the public and employees, we stand behind our clients in the event of an accident or claim.”

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud to Manage Data

To support this bold stance, GRITIT accumulates millions of pieces of data during the course of a season and employs cloud-based telematics – also known as location intelligence – software from Telogis that works with its existing technology investments to identify the key pieces of data it needs to improve overall operations. The ability to create efficiencies within its workforce and streamline processes – particularly through the ubiquity of mobile devices – is passed on as an added value to GRITIT’s customers.

Platform Approach Supports Multiple Devices

The first stage of the plan was to replace GRITIT’s existing systems with Telogis’ fully integrated, single platform for location intelligence. Previously GRITIT used two disparate systems, one for mobile device reporting and job allocation and the other for locating vehicles and assets. Getting the two systems to talk to each other in the past took some major software development.

The appeal of Telogis was the automatic integration of all of its solutions, so the initial implementation was smoother, and the GRITIT team was up and running more quickly. Brendon Petsch comments; “Operationally, updating our systems to work with just one platform is great. The [Telogis} system works really well and is easy to use. The rest of the industry is still in the dark ages when it comes to smartphone and tablet software, whereas with Telogis we are able to use the very latest Android and iOS devices.”

Location Intelligence Supports Operations in the Field

GRITIT is now using numerous solutions as part of the comprehensive Telogis platform and Telogis Fleet is tracking all vehicles during and after service for proof of attendance. As the vehicle arrives on site, the amount of data collected is increased to enable them to track exactly where the vehicle is within the site, as well as monitor driver behaviour like speeding, idling and out of hours use of the vehicle.

Additionally, GRITIT managers complete random site inspections to ensure quality is maintained and they too can report back to the head office in real time. Because all the documentation received from the field is available within the Telogis systems in real time, these inspections can take place within minutes of jobs being completed. In this way, if there are any issues onsite such as a leaking pipe or someone that shouldn’t be there, the client is alerted immediately.

Next Step – online tracking for the customer

The next phase of the implementation is to further integrate the Telogis platform with GRITIT’s business systems, using Telogis Data Exchange (TDE). Ultimately this will enable the collection of information from drivers’ onsite via mobile devices that will pass through the entire organisation seamlessly such as providing information to contracts, finance/invoicing, and HR.

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