UK drivers spending more than one day per year stuck in traffic.

13 February, 2018

New research reveals drivers in UK cities spend more than one day per year stuck in traffic. This adds up to an overall cost of an astonishing £1,168 per driver in wasted fuel. To address this, MRM has live analytics that can help to plan out the best routes beforehand and avoid heavy traffic.

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Move over Track and Trace – it’s time for Mobile Resource Management

9 February, 2018

Traditional track and trace technology is no longer revolutionary – more and more businesses are waking up to the benefits of MRM - Mobile Resource Management.

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UK motorists are taking a relaxed attitude towards dangerous driving

29 January, 2018

The AA has found that over half of UK motorists believe they can get away with dangerous driving due to a lack of police presence on the roads. Many fleet managers turn to Mobile Resource Management (MRM) to assist in driver safety & behaviour, as organisations with strong safety credentials typically experience reduced vehicle & driver downtime, as well as lower insurance & compliance costs.

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Driving efficiency in the Airline Services industry

23 January, 2018

Aircraft service operators work to tight schedules arriving & deploying within minutes of an aircrafts arrival. Consequences for being late can be severe, as penalties can run into tens of thousands of pounds per minute, making operational excellence essential. Airline Services companies are turning to innovative technologies such as Mobile Resource Management (MRM) to streamline their operations.

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Lorries can’t limbo

15 January, 2018

Railway bridges experience almost 2,000 lorry strikes per year. According to recent research from Network Rail, more than half of lorry drivers admit to ignoring low bridges when planning their journey, and 43% don’t know the size of their vehicle. Yet, with effective route planning software, fleet owners can make sure their drivers remain safe, minimise damage & reduce delays.

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Creating a culture of safe driving across the Fleet

21 December, 2017

A recent study has found erratic driving behaviours that cause accidents are evident from the moment the driver turns on the ignition. If one of your drivers has been in an argument, is stressed or just in a bad mood, it increases the likelihood that they will drive erratically or worse still, get in an accident. Technology enables managers to monitor & help reduce these dangerous behaviours.

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Helping fleet managers with vehicle maintenance

13 December, 2017

Government statistics reveal that nearly 50% of all class 7 goods vehicles between 3-3.5 tonnes fail their MOTs and highlights why daily vehicle checks are essential for all commercial vehicles. Mobile enabled, paperless Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) allow drivers to complete this quickly and easily using a phone or a tablet and can also help safeguard against any ‘pencil-whipping’.

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A festive logistics challenge

7 December, 2017

With Christmas nearly upon us, Focus Magazine (pg 19) takes a light-hearted look at one of the season’s biggest logistics challenges: getting Christmas presents to children across the world in just one night. We’re pleased to see Santa embracing the new technology now available to help make his job easier.

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For now, diesel can be the best choice for fleets

30 November, 2017

With Tesla recently unveiling a new electric lorry, fleet owners are starting to look towards electric vehicles in the long-term. But in reality, diesel remains the best option in the short- to medium-term & management tools play a vital role in harnessing the benefits of diesel to improve environmental and economic performance as well.

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Bridging the gap to a fully autonomous world

23 November, 2017

Driverless cars would be on the UK roads by 2021 under Government plans to invest in the sector. While it will be some time before driverless vehicles are ubiquitous on our roads, companies with fleets of vehicles should begin investing and upgrading their fleets to drive safety, efficiency and productivity now, rather than waiting for full autonomy to kick in.

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Building a business case for MRM

14 November, 2017

A panel of 4 fleet owners including Balfour Beatty discussed some unexpected benefits of telematics and Mobile Resource Management provided by the Telogis platform at the recent Latitude event for transforming the mobile workforce.

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Speeding on the rise in the UK

2 November, 2017

With speeding becoming an increasing issue, technology can help fleet managers ensure that their fleets are complying with the law, maintaining high safety standards and not running up unnecessary costs.

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Traffic jams cost the UK economy £9bn annually

26 October, 2017

Traffic jams on major UK roads cost the economy around £9bn a year in wasted time, fuel, and unnecessary carbon emissions states new study from traffic analysts Inrix. For fleet managers, it’s vital to optimise routes and avoid traffic jams. Inrix chief economist says: "We advise motorists use the latest real-time traffic technology to keep up to date with the situation on the roads."

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Using the power of the cloud to get through the storm

19 October, 2017

Storm Ophelia battered many parts of the British Isles this week highlighting the need for organisations to be prepared for all weathers. Businesses must be prepared, and technology has its part to play, so a quicker response can be provided and keep the country running.

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Using technology to reduce your fleet’s environmental footprint

12 October, 2017

With momentum growing to improve UK air quality, fleet managers can play their part by using technology to reduce their fleet’s environmental footprint.

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Safety Warning for UK roads

5 October, 2017

New Department for Transport statistics reveal that road deaths have reached a four-year high, and despite strict safety regulations, 40% of European road deaths are work related. This highlights that managing driver safety is one of the most stressful elements of the job for fleet managers. So how can technology help you improve your fleet’s safety and performance?

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Fleet management systems set to soar

28 September, 2017

It may be no surprise to those at the sharp end of fleet operations, that a new report from analysts’ predicting that fleet management systems are growing significantly and set to reach 14.1 million by 2021. Read more here and about the tools that managers are turning to that can help them get ahead.

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New research shows significant rise in fuel costs

21 September, 2017

This week, released research showing petrol & diesel prices have risen by 7p per litre in the last year. Fleet managers are feeling the impact more than others & grappling with pressures to reduce costs while having to meet challenging SLAs. What simple steps can be taken to ensure fleets are operating as efficiently as possible?

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Autonomous vehicle reality check

14 September, 2017

It seems everyone is talking about autonomous vehicles and they have tremendous potential for fleets. But analyst Bob O’Donnell’s article on the range of challenges facing self-driving vehicles suggest that despite the hype, fully autonomous vehicles are still a way off. Does Mobile Resource Management (MRM) help provide some of the benefits that electric and self-driving vehicles promise?

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UK average speeds fall by 20%

7 September, 2017

A new study has found congestion in the UK’s major cities has created a 20% decline in average vehicle speeds. Combined with growing traffic volumes the increased congestion has resulted in a record high of delays. For fleet managers, optimising routes and to avoid traffic and achieve marginal gains is more important than ever before.

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New tests announced for ‘self-driving’ lorries on UK roads

31 August, 2017

The UK government announcement that small convoys of partially self-driving lorries will be trialled on major roads by the end of next year has been meet with mixed reactions. It does raise a question, in the interim what are the many other ways managers can optimise their fleet performance, improve productivity, reduce costs and improve safety?

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More than half of vehicle fleets are missing out on the benefits of technology

24 August, 2017

A new survey from Shell has highlighted more than half of fleet executives still use manual systems for everyday fleet management tasks such as job allocation, vehicle maintenance & driver management. The data also suggests that a significant number are looking to move to fleet management systems, with 50% expecting their roles to include a greater reliance on technology over the next few years.

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Mulholland enjoy 2.5% efficiency gain and expect £50,000 fuel saving

17 August, 2017

For fleets, small gains can be applied across all your assets to become significant savings. Read how Mulholland Contracts was able to monitor wide range of performance metrics in real time, to make more informed decisions on route planning, scheduling & driver performance, improving operational efficiency. The result – a 2.5% bump in efficiency and a 5% saving in fuel.

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Making Driver Vehicle inspection Report (DVIR) easier.

10 August, 2017

A recent post from the FTA reminds us that from vans to HGVs daily vehicle checks are essential. These checks help identify any issues which could put the driver or vehicle in danger. Checking key components of vehicles is also important for efficiency & to help pre-empt causes for breakdown & avoid disruption. While these checks need to be performed daily, there are ways to make them easier.

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Is your fleet’s tyre pressure deflating profits?

3 August, 2017

Research recently released by tyre manufacturer Michelin estimates that 60% are driving on under-inflated tyres which can reduce the tyre mileage before replacement by 20% . Tyre pressure also impacts the fuel efficiency & safety performance of the vehicle. Multiplied across the fleet, this is a massive potential loss and will give fleet managers plenty of fuel for thought.

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New diesel & petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK

28 July, 2017

Plans to ban production of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040 will have wide reaching implications across the British fleets. For organisations that rely on commercial fleets, preparations for the transition to an electric fleet must begin now. A Mobile resource management solution can help Fleet Management now, and ensure they are set up for success with an electric fleet in the future.

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Is MRM the secret weapon for fleets to avoid peak holiday roadwork disruption?

20 July, 2017

With more than 250 sets of roadworks scheduled across major routes all over the country, is MRM the "secret weapon" for fleets to avoiding peak holiday period interruptions?

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BVRLA report: drivers uncomfortable sharing data on their driving behaviour

12 July, 2017

Report from BVRLA has found 44% are uncomfortable sharing data on their driving behaviour and performance. But do the benefits far outweigh the costs?

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Apple introducing a new "Do not disturb while driving"

7 July, 2017

Apple is introducing a new "Do not disturb while driving" mode for its iOS 11 software update, which is due out soon. This news swiftly follows March’s announcement of stricter punishments for drivers caught on their mobiles.

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The intelligent fleet: bridging the communications gap

3 July, 2017

Sergio Barata looks at connectivity trends and gazes into the future to help you understand where IoT and connected fleet technology might be heading.

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Is your fleet running on diesel?

29 June, 2017

Make your fleet, workforce & assets more intelligent and boost fuel efficiency to create significant economic and environmental improvements.

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A big week in the world of autonomous vehicles

22 June, 2017

While fully autonomous vehicles are a way off, your business can use the data centric approach that powers them

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Racing cars and what businesses can learn from their approach to tech

28 May, 2017

May 28 marks the 101st running of the Indy 500, and it’s pretty cool to think about how any business can take lessons from IndyCar’s innovative operations – particularly how teams use connectivity and data to gain a competitive edge and create the ultimate connected car

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How can you grow your fleet without a lot of capital expenditure?

10 April, 2017

The traditional approach to handling business growth is just add to your business to meet the increased demand – more workers, more vehicles and more depots. This can also mean an increase in administration and management personnel

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The evolving face of telematics and the role of the platform

6 December, 2016

Telematics has changed dramatically since it started being widely adopted in the early 2000s.

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The evolution of in-cab GPS for white van drivers

2 December, 2016

So how did the GPS landscape change after the boom, what effect did this have on fleets and what does this change in telematics look like?

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F1 and its marginal gains philosophy: What can the fleet industry learn?

21 November, 2016

F1’s commitment to innovation is so great that it probably comes as no surprise that other industries can learn a thing or two from the way it operates – particularly how teams use connectivity and data to get a competitive edge.

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The changing profile of the lone driver

1 November, 2016

The life of a professional driver has changed dramatically over the last few years. Gone are the days of being cast off in virtual isolation on the road. Instead, drivers are now part of a hyper-connected organisation joined up by tech, and this is allowing managers and a network of drivers to be linked in totally new ways.

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Making big data manageable

4 October, 2016

Connectivity is totally changing the way in which fleets operate. Real-time visibility on the likes of assets and remote equipment, wireless engine software revisions, instantaneous customer-service feedback, dynamic routing and scheduling is having a fundamental impact on how organisations drive efficiencies and deliver compelling customer experiences.

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Telematics as we know it is dead – long live Mobile Resource Management

6 September, 2016

As the tech that enables the exchange of information between fleet vehicles and a central manager, telematics has been billed as a game changer for any business that uses a fleet.

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GRITIT streamlines its operations in the field

3 August, 2016

While most Britons are enjoying their summer holidays, GRITIT is hard at work getting ready for the long, cold winter months ahead. As the leading provider of gritting services in the U.K., GRITIT supplies winter risk management services to organisations in the retail, industrial, health and education sectors among others.

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Social responsibility sustains business

6 July, 2016

Every extra mile costs. Not just fuel, man-hours and engine wear, but by adding CO2 and other GHG (greenhouse gases) to the environment, known to contribute to climate change. Reducing emissions benefits a fleet's reputation, and their profitability.

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