The evolving face of telematics and the role of the platform

6 December, 2016

Telematics has changed dramatically since it started being widely adopted in the early 2000s.

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The evolution of in-cab GPS for white van drivers

2 December, 2016

So how did the GPS landscape change after the boom, what effect did this have on fleets and what does this change in telematics look like?

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F1 and its marginal gains philosophy: What can the fleet industry learn?

21 November, 2016

F1’s commitment to innovation is so great that it probably comes as no surprise that other industries can learn a thing or two from the way it operates – particularly how teams use connectivity and data to get a competitive edge.

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The changing profile of the lone driver

1 November, 2016

The life of a professional driver has changed dramatically over the last few years. Gone are the days of being cast off in virtual isolation on the road. Instead, drivers are now part of a hyper-connected organisation joined up by tech, and this is allowing managers and a network of drivers to be linked in totally new ways.

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Making big data manageable

4 October, 2016

Connectivity is totally changing the way in which fleets operate. Real-time visibility on the likes of assets and remote equipment, wireless engine software revisions, instantaneous customer-service feedback, dynamic routing and scheduling is having a fundamental impact on how organisations drive efficiencies and deliver compelling customer experiences.

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Telematics as we know it is dead – long live Mobile Resource Management

6 September, 2016

As the tech that enables the exchange of information between fleet vehicles and a central manager, telematics has been billed as a game changer for any business that uses a fleet.

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GRITIT streamlines its operations in the field

3 August, 2016

While most Britons are enjoying their summer holidays, GRITIT is hard at work getting ready for the long, cold winter months ahead. As the leading provider of gritting services in the U.K., GRITIT supplies winter risk management services to organisations in the retail, industrial, health and education sectors among others.

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Social responsibility sustains business

6 July, 2016

Every extra mile costs. Not just fuel, man-hours and engine wear, but by adding CO2 and other GHG (greenhouse gases) to the environment, known to contribute to climate change. Reducing emissions benefits a fleet's reputation, and their profitability.

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