Rapid return on investment

Telogis telematics software can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency. In fact, most fleets see a positive ROI within 120 days.

From planning through implementation, integration and training, we're dedicated to your results, your ROI and your bottom line.

Improve route efficiency

Inefficient routing wastes man-hours, fuel and reduces customer goodwill. A recent study showed a 20% reduction in mileage and a corresponding 24% reduction in driver hours using Telogis Route.

Routing Reduction
20% reduction in mileage, 24% reduction in driver hours

The customer saw a significant reduction in weekly miles driven and the time to complete the routes. As a result, Telogis was able to calculate a time savings benefit (drivers and management) and mileage/fuel savings.

More about Telogis Route

The resulting monthly benefit per vehicle is projected to generate a 477% internal rate of return for a 3-year ROI of 690% — based on better routing alone. The ROI analysis also showed a payback period of 4 months along with a substantial Net Present Value. Similar results are being realised at other locations as part of a division-wide rollout. It all proves that Telogis pays for itself - fast!

ROI Amount

The company anticipates additional positive bottom-line impacts from better driver safety compliance, improved mileage and reduced maintenance costs.

Reduce fuel consumption

Idling in a diesel heavy goods vehicle for an hour burns approximately one gallon of fuel. A recent Telogis study shows that by measuring vehicle idle activity and providing driver feedback you can reduce idle time by as much as 50% using Telogis Fleet.

Average idle time per vehicle was reduced
by 49% during the trial.

Applied to 3,000 vehicles, the company is saving over 3 million litres of fuel each year and 20 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

Carbon Reduction
Total CO2 emissions across entire fleet

  • Fuel – idling, inefficient routes, shrinkage, theft
  • Labour – hours, overtime, headcount
  • Paperwork
  • At-risk driving
  • Theft & fraud
  • Fuel taxes
  • Costs for maintenance, insurance and communications
  • Service window accuracy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Timecard accuracy
  • Productivity
  • Revenue