Social responsibility is good for business

Taking care of your brand is an important part of making sure you stay profitable and stick around as a business. Telogis telematics can help you both enhance and protect your company's branding by improving the most visible part of your business – your fleet.

Dangerous driving is bad advertising

When it's your name on the side of the vehicle, you'll want to make sure your drivers are representing the brand well. Forget 'How's my driving stickers?'. Just help drivers stay safe and courteous at all times with real-time in-cab alerts.

Alerts can be set up for a wide range of unsafe driving habits such as speeding, hard swerving or braking (often an indication of tailgating). Telogis safety solutions for drivers also include compliance apps that manage driving hours to minimise tiredness and reliable commercial navigation to prevent distracted drivers.

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Keep your fleet green

Every extra mile costs. Not just fuel, man-hours and engine wear, but by adding CO2 and other GHG (greenhouse gases) to the air, known to contribute to climate change.

Using Telogis Fleet you can measure progress on green metrics. Using baseline data, ongoing collection and record-keeping of GHG outputs, you can report on your current carbon footprint and track green fleet initiatives.

Manage and monitor driver behaviour, reducing wasteful driving including idling by 30%, daily mileage by 10% and fuel costs by 25%. It all adds up to shrinking your carbon footprint and minimising carbon emissions.