Meeting compliance regulations

Staying in line with compliance requirements is a high priority for both drivers and fleet managers. Failure to comply can result in heavy fines, loss of license or a fleet being stripped of its operating authority. It's even caused some fleets to stop trading altogether.

Telogis mobile work order software provides a range of compliance features that make it easy for your drivers to stay legal and for you to identify areas that need attention, such as driving violations or missed inspections.

Mobile solutions

Driving Hours

With every driver being issued a Driver ID, Telogis can record not just hours on the job, but also check for compliance with current driving hour requirements.

It can record a driver’s activities, tracking whether they are on-duty, off-duty or sleeping. Drivers sign off driving records electronically, significantly reducing the amount of paperwork required both internally or during audits.

Pre or Post-trip Vehicle Safety Inspections

If drivers are required to perform routine vehicle inspections before they start a journey or when they finish their shift, Telogis provides drivers with a convenient checklist they can use to streamline safety inspections and record them electronically when completed.


Stay compliant, safe and avoid fines

As government regulations become stricter and more complex, an automated electronic system will help you to stay on top of compliance, helping you to avoid heavy fines and improve overall fleet safety and administrative efficiency.