Are company vehicles being used without your knowledge?

How can you feel secure when faced with the huge potential liability that can come from employees using company vehicles without your knowledge? Eliminate this potential problem by managing up to hundreds of thousands of daily driver stops.

“We found that at the end of the day, company vehicles were being used for personal use and for side jobs. Telogis Fleet offered us the exact solution that we needed.” A Refrigeration Systems Company


  • Company liability

    If one of your employees gets into an accident while driving one of your company’s vehicles, even after work hours, you are still liable.

  • 24-hour tracking

    Telogis provides real-time GPS vehicle tracking that lets you know where your vehicles are 24-hours a day, virtually eliminating unauthorised vehicle use.

Landmark and historical data

Telogis Fleet provides a detailed landmark history report, displaying date and time details of each stop and identifying whether the stop was authorised or not. This gives you data to pinpoint when and where driver activities occur and further reduces your exposure to liability.