Save two hours per driver, per day

How do you know if your drivers are under utilised? Are they working a full eight hour day for eight hours pay? Telogis keeps your fleet at work, which means more jobs and more revenue.

Better productivity - reduced cost

Paying your employees too much overtime is a huge burden for any business. Every hour of overtime means less profit for your company. But with better utilisation of the resources you have, your team will be able to get more done in less time.

“After installing Telogis Fleet, we were able to increase service jobs from 5 to 8 jobs a day, offering a significant increase to our bottom line.” Fire Extinguisher Service Company


Monitor, measure, analyse

Telogis Fleet provides you an informed look at the historical performance of your drivers and fleet. This real-time access to your fleet's data will help you improve planning and reduce overtime and unauthorised vehicle use. You will be able to monitor, measure, and analyse fleet, driver, and employee performance 24-hours a day, and assure yourself that your team members give their best effort at all times.

With Telogis Fleet, you will know exactly when your drivers start their shifts, where they are, how many stops they have made, and what time they have completed their deliveries.

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