Telogis delivers results.

We can help you maximise your investment specifically to meet the challenges of your business – environmental, safety, fuel management, reporting – and we give you all the answers you need to sell it up (and down) the line.

  • Asset Security

    Reduce unauthorised usage of company vehicles without your knowledge with Telogis fleet tracking software. 24 hour tracking gives more peace of mind.

  • Automated Compliance

    Learn how to keep your fleet compliant with government regulations. Fleet safety inspections are streamlined with Telogis mobile.

  • Better Productivity

    Learn how to keep fleet at work and improve fleet productivity by two hours per day with measurement tools by Telogis fleet management software

  • Business Transformation

    We can help you develop your business transformation strategy and take advantage of telematics to upgrade processes across your entire business.

  • Driver Safety

    Running a commercial fleet is risky. Let us help you minimise your exposure and help implement stringent safety programs to reduce accident expenses, which on average cost more than $60,000.

  • Flexible Hardware

    Learn how your GPS tracking equipment for vehicles and high value assets can work faster and more easily with Telogis GPS tracking software

  • Fuel Savings

    How much is unnecessary idling, speeding and out-of-route miles adding to your fuel bill? Find out how you can minimise your fuel spend.

  • Improved Profitability

    Learn how Telogis fleet management software improves ROI in days by reducing fuel consumption & improving route efficiency

  • Rapid Deployment

    Get OEM automotive telematics with Telogis-ready telematics solutions on selected heavy goods vehicles, vans, and cranes from popular automotive manufacturers

  • Reduced Insurance

    Telogis helps reduce driving violations and insurance premiums. Are you ready to cut fleet insurance costs?

  • Social Responsibility

    It's your name on the side of the truck so make sure it's saying the right thing. Careful, courteous drivers and well-maintained trucks minimising carbon emissions are a positive boost for your brand.